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Countryside Marathon is your go-to convenience store for gas, food, snacks, entertainment, coffee, toiletries, and more.

Gas Station

We are the closest gas station and convenience store to Candlewick Lake. So, swing by to load up on drinks, food, and bait before you head out to the water.


Video games are a great way to de-stress from the demands of daily life. Try your luck by playing our video game machines and get the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Convenience Store

Our store is stocked with all the items you need on your trip, including delicious homemade food, fresh brewed coffee, fishing licenses, liquor, and all types of fuel for your vehicles and equipment.



Take your pick from a wide variety of competitively priced fuels such as: diesel, biofuel, unleaded, and recreational.

Car Wash

Get your ride squeaky clean in a flash with our drive-through touchless laser car wash and tidy up the inside using our vacuum.


Have some time to kill? Play the lottery and win the big bucks.


Need cash fast? Use our convenient and secure in-store ATM to get money instantly.

Prepaid Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards for that special someone, they make great gifts for the teenager in your house, or thank you gifts to your delivery drivers! The gift cards can be used in our store or at the gas pumps.

Fishing & Bait

We have everything you need for a great fishing trip. You can purchase a fishing license, stock your cooler with beverages and food, and get the best bait around.

Transport Business

We also own a fuel transport business which delivers fuel for agricultural, industrial, and commercial uses to homes, farms and businesses all throughout Boone, McHenry, and Winnebago Counties in Illinois.


Propane Fillup

Need a refill for your propane tank? Swing by and get it refilled in no time.

Recreational Gas

Get all the recreational fuel you need for your outdoor equipment.

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Need a drink? Take your pick from our wide variety of alcoholic beverages.


Take advantage of our special offers to keep some cash in your pocket after filling up your belly, gas tank, and coffee cup.


Are you looking for a convenient way to pay and instantly save on all your fuel purchases? Get the J&D Countryside Card and start saving today!

It’s safer and more secure than a credit card and works like your bank debit card. Each time you use your card, you’ll get an instant discount on your fuel purchase. The GasCap Rewards program is all about helping customers pay less for their fuel. Register today to start saving on your fuel purchases.

Want to save even more?

Check out our Marathon Visa Credit Card | Make It Count Program


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